Greetings BlackSpire. As your new King I declare that this summer shall be the time to renew our strengths and prepare for war. We have been quiet for too long and now much stretch our arms and prepare our ships to raid and pillage our neighbors.... raise you axes high, fight for your lands, and crush your enemies beneath our banner! ...

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I am absolutely blown away by the number of people who were interested in the build a boffer workshop, and tournament we hosted yesterday at Kumoricon. The build a boffer workshop had probably about 35 people who wanted to build one. I was expecting no more than 10. I am deeply sorry for how vastly we underestimated the amount of interest that would generate.

The short sword tournament: I just... I don't even know. My estimate is about 50 people. We were originally going to do a bracket, and place people in as they sign up, but that quickly became obvious it would not do when we saw the line. So we adapted to the Warlord tournament advocated by Warlord Sports. We had two rings, each with 2 reeves, and were able to make it go rather smooth. At the end of about half an hour of that, we moved to a bracket, seeded with the 8 people who got the most kills.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, and I feel like we really represented two of Amtgard's sides incredibly well. In future years, we'll want to prepare for this more. Get more materials, get more people to help reeve, even get some space outside to allow people to practice. All this will absolutely help get the name of Amtgard out there.

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At Pacwar, we had the pleasure of honoring the following individuals.

Dee Metria was awarded the title of Lady.
Sir Garth was awarded the title of Count.
Count Gustav Anderson was awarded the title Walker in the Middle.
Duke Kalzar Soulless was awarded a 6th Order of the Lion.
Radegast was awarded the Order of the Jovious.
Torg was awarded the Order of the Mask.
Sir Vaune Shadowglave was awarded a 7th Order of the Rose.

Congratulations to all of them!

We also crowned Baron Pungkow as the next King of Blackspire. The kingdom should look forward to an exciting and prosperous Winter Reign from him and his new Regent (Bean), Champion (Duke Kalzar Soulless), and Guildmaster of Reeves (Lord Osonious).

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Kingdom of Blackspire updated their cover photo. ...

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